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Vodi - Video Streaming Update

Vodi as the name suggests may be a Video On Demand platform. The truth is that template is prepared to give you freedom with lot of different variants to create any type of directory, listing or magazine website focused on video materials.

Build powerful magazine website with video content such like trailers for movies or tv shows, replays from sports world, write your movie review and let your visitors create their own “Want to watch” playlists.

Are you YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc. freak? Or maybe you are an author of them? Template is idea design ready to embed existing videos and make your own playlist to showcase your creations or playlists.

Gamer, Youtuber, Twitch streamer, or maybe both? Check out one of the homepages “Vodi Stream” that is specialy designed for you.

Are you wondering about monetize your videos and make premium content? Vodi is prepared for that, check out landing pages and let your visitor pick up best price plan.

Update v1.1

(2018 11 19)
Added 11 more subpages





List of Pages

  1. HomePage-1410px-Dark.psd
  2. HomePage-1410px-Light.psd
  3. HomePage-1410px-Magazine.psd
  4. HomePage-1410px-Sports.psd
  5. HomePage-1700px-Dark.psd
  6. HomePage-LeftSidebar-Light.psd
  7. HomePage-LeftSidebar-Dark.psd
  8. HomePage-1410px-Stream.psd
  9. LandingPage.psd
  10. LandingPage-V2.psd
  11. ComingSoon.psd
  12. Category-Movies-Sidebar-Dark.psd
  13. Category-Movies-Sidebar-Listing-Dark.psd
  14. Category-Movies-Sidebar-Listing-Small-Dark.psd
  15. Category-Movies-Sidebar-Listing-Small-2Column-Dark.psd
  16. Category-TVShows-Dark.psd
  17. Category-TVShows-Sidebar-Dark.psd
  18. Category-TVShows-Sidebar-Grid-4Col-Dark.psd
  19. Category-TVShows-Sidebar-Grid-5Col-Dark.psd
  20. Category-TVShows-Sidebar-Listing-Dark.psd
  21. Category-TVShows-Sidebar-Listing-Small-Dark.psd
  22. Category-TVShows-Sidebar-Listing-Small-2Column-Dark.psd
  23. Single-TVShow-Dark.psd
  24. Single-TVShow-Tabs-Dark.psd
  25. Single-TVShow-Sidebar-Dark.psd
  26. Single-TVShow-Sidebar-Top-Dark.psd
  27. Single-RightSidebar-Playlist-Light.psd
  28. Single-RightSidebar-Playlist-Light-BlackContainer.psd
  29. Single-RightSidebar-Playlist-SmallThumbs-Light.psd
  30. Single-RightSidebar-Playlist-SmallThumbs-Light-BlackContainer.psd
  31. Single-Theater.psd
  32. Single-Theater-Sidebar-Light.psd
  33. UserAccount-Favorites.psd
  34. UserAccount-Playlists.psd
  35. Contact.psd
  36. SignIn.psd
  37. PickYourPlan.psd
  38. AccountDetails.psd
  39. Payment.psd
  40. PickYourFavorites.psd
  41. SearchDropDown.psd
  42. SearchFullScreen.psd
  43. MenuDropDown.psd
  44. MegaMenuDropDownMovies.psd
  45. MegaMenuDropDownTVShows.psd

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OpenSans, Montserrat

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